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Authenticity - tolerance - acceptance - empathy - eye level

Our clients are treated with appreciation and respect regardless of religion, origin, cultural background, gender and ideology. We focus on the human being as a holistic existence.

In coaching, we use our professional skills from our studies, our coaching training and our many years of professional experience. We combine our life experiences, our experiences based on different origins (German and Greek) and the elements of female and male nature in order to be able to support our clients as best as possible in their affairs and in achieving their goals.

Niko Margaritis 
  • years of professional experience as a coach

  • certified job and career coach (QRC)

  • registered non-medical practicionair for psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie)

  • EMDR coach/ Therapist

  • Independent consultant for marketing and communication

  • Manager / Executive for Marketing and Sales

  • Business graduate (University of Economics and Law, Berlin)

  • born and raised in Greece

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